David Bowie's Death & Morrissey-Some initial thoughts-Jan 21, 2016

Just a few initial thoughts:
I feel proud that I've always loved and championed Bowie's music to anyone who has shown an interest. Have absorbed the massive media coverage and dug even deeper into his music, including his new album, Blackstar. A brave,dignified death but so sad, gone too soon. Feel further inspired to create music with Phoebe's Dream. Back in studio with Phil to finish off new songs. No gigs yet-must finish off songs and release something first.
Another of my heroes, Morrissey, like many, must be gutted and conflicted by Bowie's death. Everyone must somehow relate their heroes lives to their personal life. Does Bowie's death bring up painful thoughts about an olive branch to Johnny Marr, not to reform THAT band but just to show 'You're in my thoughts'?. Morrissey would, of course, publicly dismiss any such possibility, as is his prerogative but it fascinates me thinking about it.
We all, in our lives, find it hard to know if it's worth catching up with lost friends or family before it's too late. Is it pointless, are we lazy, busy, conflicted? Will we regret not picking up the phone? Only time will tell.

John Smarty