Updated mix 'Is that you?' and new track 'Cradle in May'

3 new tracks:

Is that you?,


Peaceful is the Night

Hope you like them! Go to music page for more songs.

Rare gig @ WALES STREET PRIMARY SCHOOL FETE-Saturday 24th March 2018 

Another year, another gig. Phoebe's Dream on at about 4.30 for a 20 minute sonic blast. Thanks to our good friend, the awesome Michelle Nedadic for filling in on drums. That's 3 drummers in 3 years! Would love to see you there. Still chipping away with recording and mixing new album songs. Hopefully put a new track up soon.


SHORT GIG at WALES ST FETE SAT 25th MARCH, from 12 noon, Phoebe's Dream on at 4pm. 

This is definitely one of our favourite gigs to play so we'd love to see you come down to see us play and we'll be previewing new songs. Raising money at fetes for improved educational outcomes is a no-brainer. Very relaxed, with the Thornbury community making the day extra special. Heaps of great parent bands playing so come down for an afternoon of musical bliss! Also thanks to Matt for filling in on drums at short notice.


WOW it's 2017. The relentless march of time! Completely out of nowhere a short notice offer to play came so Phoebe's Dream are playing a rare gig with full band this Sunday 12th FEB 12.30 at the Thornbury Bowls Club, 27 Ballantyne St, Thornbury (with blues band Mission Brown). The Thornbury Bowls Club is a family friendly place with food orders (fish'n'chips, brioche burgers, kids menu, organic salads) from SWEET SALT FISH SHOP In Northcote and a bar with locally brewed beers. Phoebe's Dream are on at 1pm playing till 2.30. It will be loose, rough and rugged if our rehearsals are anything to go by. I'm sure we can pull it off. It's Free entry, although the bands will pass around a hat for a gold coin donation. The band are still chipping away at new songs in the studio. I think we might have a DOUBLE ALBUM's worth to eventually unload. Until next time. 
Thanks, John Smarty

Short gig (20 minutes) at WALES ST Primary School Fete, Thornbury, SAT 19, 5 pm sharp. 

Popping our heads out from our busy day jobs to play a short gig (20 minutes) at WALES ST Primary School Fete, Thornbury, SAT 19th March, 5 pm sharp.
Come down and find out which Bowie and Flaming Lips songs we'll play as well as our own tunes. Meanwhile trying our best to find time to finish recording new songs in the studio. Should be a full band appearance if Krste (drums) recovers from dodgy/swollen knee. Might organise a longer gig soon.
Thanks, John Smarty.

David Bowie's Death & Morrissey-Some initial thoughts-Jan 21, 2016  

Just a few initial thoughts:
I feel proud that I've always loved and championed Bowie's music to anyone who has shown an interest. Have absorbed the massive media coverage and dug even deeper into his music, including his new album, Blackstar. A brave,dignified death but so sad, gone too soon. Feel further inspired to create music with Phoebe's Dream. Back in studio with Phil to finish off new songs. No gigs yet-must finish off songs and release something first.
Another of my heroes, Morrissey, like many, must be gutted and conflicted by Bowie's death. Everyone must somehow relate their heroes lives to their personal life. Does Bowie's death bring up painful thoughts about an olive branch to Johnny Marr, not to reform THAT band but just to show 'You're in my thoughts'?. Morrissey would, of course, publicly dismiss any such possibility, as is his prerogative but it fascinates me thinking about it.
We all, in our lives, find it hard to know if it's worth catching up with lost friends or family before it's too late. Is it pointless, are we lazy, busy, conflicted? Will we regret not picking up the phone? Only time will tell.

John Smarty